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This book opens up a dialogue for real freedom and truth. This is a life-changing story that will take you to the next level and teach you how to come out of domestic violence and abuse and never to return again!
— Tina R. McCrea

Book Takeaways

•Discover that witnessing domestic violence doesn't create immunity
•Discover that dialogue about domestic violence and abuse brings freedom
•Demolish wrong patterns of thinking and behaviors that hold people hostage
•Develop a plan to move forward using practical principles
•Decide that now is the time; today is the day of deliverance

Empowering Truth: Real Stories about Overcoming Domestic Violence & Abuse is a transparent perspective on domestic violence and abuse from a survivor who has witnessed and experienced abuse. The stories and messages will cause readers to introspectively examine their actions and reevaluate their relationships. With a goal of helping victims escape abusive situations and thrive afterwards, Dr. Tina McCrea delves into the difficult experiences of her past to empower others with truth. She also shares true stories from other survivors to help victims know they can break free, stay free, and BE FREE.

What Others Are Saying

Empowering Truth is truly a story of redemption. It is a must read for any woman struggling to make a bad situation better. Empowering Truth takes the lid off the hidden secrets that are destroying the credibility of the family.
— Prophet Alexis Alexander
Tina has pulled back the shades on an ugly epidemic and has allowed light to come in for the freedom of many.
— Dr. D'Ann Johnson, author of Notes From My Bible. Devotional and Executive Pastor of New Covenant Christian Ministries
All we can say is, wow! This book is the equivalent of an emotional and spiritual underground railroad. This book will serve as a declaration of independence in regards to coming out of abuse. Come aboard for the ride of your life.
— Apostle Phil & Pastor Mia Huff
The raw truth of real life experiences will give you wisdom, knowledge and understanding of what abuse, control and manipulation looks like up close in the mirror of life, in the church and marketplace.
— Samuel Sheffield, Spiritual LIFE Mentor
As a Survivor who has shared my journey from victim to victor, I understand but also commend Author Tina McCrea for having the courage to share her story as well. Share a story, save a life...
— Survivor and Author Sheila B., founder of the domestic violence organization No Longer the Face Foundation
As a licensed clinical therapist with a background in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, having access to books like Empowering Truth: Real Stories About Overcoming Domestic Violence & Abuse provides additional resources to help my clients who have experienced the impact of trauma as a result of domestic violence.
— Sharise M. Nance, LCSW, CCTP, author of Vitamin C: The Healing Workbook